Moving Everything Around

There are few things that suck as badly as migrating websites. I've had more than a few running around the internet, most were either neglected or blatantly ignored.

To make things more complicated was the fact that I had a few server instances running from home and those were also websites. It was a pain in the ass, and I knew that something had to change.

State of the Union (Consolidation)

So, after some deliberation I've decided to remove WordPress and switch to Ghost. I have a private Git repository and everything else is posted on GitHub. OwnCloud handles some of my cloud storage stuff, but everything else is handled by Google.

All of those are hosted on a hex-core Xeon that I grabbed off of eBay.

Hopefully, this will be easier to administer. The certs are handled by CloudFlare and I'm pretty sure they've got experience with some of the more common website attacks out there.

Yeah, this post is a bit boring, but to be fair: I can't wait to see what Ghost can do.