Recent History

I've spent a lot of time running tabletop RPGs. I remember the joys of explaining THAC0 to new players, and using that knowledge as the secret handshake to other players.

Of course, time has moved on a bit. Wizards of the Coast released D&D5e, Paizo took the 3rd edition rules, polished them, made some much needed changes, then released Pathfinder to the world.

So, my last four campaigns have been rooted in the Faerûn, a beautiful place that has provided adventure for the characters that lived there. I remember Drizz't, Bruenor, some cat person—

—okay, I will fully admit that those books were a long, long time ago and I was always more of a DragonLance fan.

A Place Where I Belong

So, we get to the biggest issue: I'm not feeling it. It may be that I'm not that familiar with Faerûn. Yay, Greenest!

It may be the module I ran before I ended up leaving the module. Hoard of the Dragon Queen was definitely a module, it was definitely bound in hardback, and I definitely couldn't run it anywhere close to completion.

I also think that the tools were lacking. I'm not saying that the mechanics weren't awesome as they clearly are great. It's more along the lines of missing tools. There's the NPC Codex which is my favorite GM resource. Then there's the Ultimate Equipment tome that is the Sears catalog of Pathfinder.

The Core Rulebook is still one of the better ideas where you buy one book, you get everything you need to start. Don't have the cash? That's alright, it's all part of the Open Gaming License which means you can look it up.

Crap, I'm rambling.

Honestly, I just TPKed the party in the D&D5e campaign. It wasn't on purpose, but I will admit I felt a sigh of relief when everyone around the table decided to go with Pathfinder.

The tools I have at my disposal are many, and I feel that I know Golarion better than Faerûn. Of course, I'm hoping that this translates to the table-top or I might have to kill another party.

Side Note

Just looked at my map of Golarion from the Inner Sea Guide, I can't help but laugh at the map of the "Inner Sea Reigon".