The Old Router

There's nothing better than new hardware. I remember building the old router and thinking to myself, "Can't get any better than this."

Unfortunately, things were never stable. The WAN port on the pfSense box consistently rebooted, and I could honestly take it out by updating my Ubuntu mirror with more than two threads.

The worst part was coming home after the great Hurricane Matthew. I was restarting all of the gear in my apartment and figured that everything was good to go. The internet was up, my ESXi server was doing everything it was supposed to do, and the file server/SAN was serving files.

Then the router started doing it's rebooting thing and I had finally had enough.

Enter the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

I am not a networking professional, but I know my way around Cisco stuff. I do know that I wanted something that I could abuse and that would be 100% stable.

I updated the firmware after getting it connected, then quickly configured everything. The online documentation is great and can quickly get everything up and running even if you're not an EdgeOS/Vyatta expert.


So far, the performance has been stellar. Great web GUI, and great throughput. I'm still working on the advanced features through SSH, but I'll update when I get more information.